SimplyOrderly.Com Testimonials


I would put an ad out about you if I could. Lol. Thank you. It really was, beside being necessary, a wonderful experience working with you.
Roz L. – Lido Beach, N.Y. (residential clutter control)

“I was a little embarrassed about having Donna come into my home and see my disorganized kitchen. Household documents, family papers, bills, catalogs, coupons and mail were taking over. I often wasted time looking for and not finding what I needed. Cabinets and surfaces were crowded and I didn’t know where to put anything anymore. My apprehension quickly disappeared when Donna came in, helped me develop a plan and we immediately got to work. She was patient and respectful in handling my papers and possessions. Together, in a single afternoon, we sorted through my piles of papers, purged a lot of it and created a new filing system for the papers I refer to often and wanted in the kitchen. We created files in a convenient portable basket and labeled files with names that made sense to me. Areas were set up for filing, mail, writing and my childrens’ school supplies and related papers, so items are kept where they are most used, making it easy to find what I need fast and keeping it simple to maintain. Extra space was created where there was none, by purging and by moving items that didn’t belong in the kitchen to begin with, to other areas of my house. With her fun and energetic personality, she kept me on task until the job was done. Cleaning out the mess has helped to clear my mind and I enjoy being in my kitchen again. I highly recommend Simply Orderly for any organizational needs you may have. I wish I had done this sooner and look forward to my next project with Donna, tackling my home office.
Patti B. – Merrick, N.Y. (kitchen / filing)

“Thank you so much for helping me transform my basement into a clutter free zone. I never thought that I would need someone to help me organize my belongings but I was wrong. Every time I walked into the basement to clean it up I was so overwhelmed by the task that I quickly walked back upstairs and thought I would conquer the job another day. You came into my home and within a few sessions, we had cleaned out all of the closets and living space and made so much extra space that I was in awe of you!! Not only did you get the job done quickly and efficiently, but you actually made it fun for me. You came up with creative ways to store things and were always cheerful, enthusiastic and energetic. Your insightful questions educated me about how to use my space better and stay organized. You helped me decide what items to sell, donate and throw out. I highly recommend Donna to anyone who is looking to add space and order to their working or living environment. I am highly impressed that I now have empty shelves in closets!!” Tammy R. – Melville, N.Y. (basement)

Next Time please take after photos of the office. It is Heavenly now!!!   Alice D. – Melville, N.Y. (home office)

I contacted Simply Orderly for assistance with downsizing to a small, 1 bedroom apartment. I have worked with several organizers in the past and would recommend Donna, without reservation. She is bright, energetic, an efficient organizer and passionate about what she does. I felt comfortable from the start and trusted her implicitly to properly handle any confidential, valuable, delicate or sensitive items in my home. Over the course of just 3, four hour sessions, we accomplished a lot! We segregated many items for donation, the new apartment, storage and trash. Donna helped with packing and supervised the movers, in my absence. She transported delicate, large or oddly shaped items in her truck to my new apartment, directed movers as to the layout of furniture and placement of boxes in my new apartment, helped with unpacking and helped transport items to and set up my storage unit. She is a good listener, insightful, flexible, works quickly and tirelessly. Donna was willing to work evenings and weekends, when necessary, to accommodate my demanding work schedule. I felt a great sense of relief and accomplishment after each session. I can’t express the difference from where I was at my consultation, to now. Though smaller, I am loving my new space. Thank you so much for helping me through this overwhelming and difficult transition. I look forward to working with you again, to optimize my space, improve organization in my apartment, dispose of the items that remain in storage or for any other organizing project I may need.
Brenda P. – Port Washington, N.Y. (downsizing / moving)

“I came into work this morning and I almost cried. I have worked at Women’s Fund of Long Island for almost 6 year and ALWAYS love walking in to work here. But, I never loved walking in because the office was a pretty place to work. Yesterday we had another set of organizers in and they tackled the rest of my office, the kitchen, the attic, and a tough office upstairs shared by two people. They left no stone unturned! The air and the energy here is different. It is inspiring. They worked tirelessly and as a non-profit, we gave them the added challenge of not being able to spend ANY money on organizing products; they had to repurpose items…”
The Women’s Fund Director of Operations, Jericho, N.Y. (Office)

“I just want to say how much I enjoyed my time with you and you have NO IDEA how much more peaceful and free I feel being in my room. I cannot wait to meet with you again and thank you so much for all of your help, support, guidance, and patience. My family really liked you a lot too and could not believe the amount of results we had in such a short amount of time! Working with you gave me fresh insight and hope that I am truly changing for the better. You are amazing!”
Madeline F. – Bellmore, N.Y. (residential – clutter control and filing system)

“Donna is a great organizer. She is easy and fun to work with, as well as hard working. She makes a stressful situation more manageable and it will become simply orderly. Thank you!”
Cathy C.- Northport, N.Y. (downsizing / preparation for yard sale)

“Everyone should have a little Donna D. in their life, to make it better :)”
Rima M. – Bayville, N.Y. (residential – filing / clutter control)