Dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service, Simply Orderly offers the following menu of products and services:

Free consultation: Take advantage of our no obligation, confidential and free 30 minute telephone consultation, to access your needs and determine how you can move  forward.

Organize “stuff”: 

✔Assistance for students, adults and seniors
✔Address any problem area (including closets, pantries, kitchens, bathrooms,                              bedrooms, playrooms, garages, basements, storage areas, attics, desks and offices)
✔Moving services -preparing for a move, downsizing, packing, and unpacking
✔Maximize home and office efficiency, work flow systems and productivity
✔Organization of memorabilia, photos and crafts
✔Room layouts, enhancing aesthetics, flow and use of available space
✔Research and obtain products or furnishings needed for your project
✔Donation – Selection of, arrangement for and donations made to appropriate charities
✔Recycling and trash removal services
✔Assistance with garage sales, consignment and online sale
✔Referrals and resources available for appraisals and handling of estate and tag sales

The process: After gathering information about your priorities, goals and what is and is not working, a plan will be implemented, uniquely designed for YOU and completed with as much or as little guidance and hands on assistance as you require.  The process involves:

  • Sorting – Areas of concern will be inventoried, to help determine what you have, need and want.
  • Purging – If you have too much “stuff” and no more available storage space, you will need to purge unused and unwanted items to achieve the results you want.  We will help you stay on task and make these sometimes, difficult decisions.  Categorized piles will be created as necessary, for trash, donation, sale, recycling, gifting, keeping and unsure.
  • Organizing – What fun! Strategically place what you are keeping, in areas or zones where they are most convenient to use and put away. This is accomplished by using available storage, re-purposing what you already have and if necessary, acquiring organizing products, so everything is contained in a designated spot that makes sense.

Results – Dramatic results include optimization of your space and workflow, as well as the transformation to a space that looks and functions beautifully.

Organize paper, documents and digital files:


✔ Filing systems – modification or complete overhaul.

For ease of retrieval, we strive to create a filing system that reflects the way you think.  Where would you look for this if you need it again?  The appearance of your system can be as fancy or as simple as you like.

The process: After gathering information about your priorities, goals and what is and is not working, a plan will be implemented, specifically designed for YOU and completed, with as much or as little guidance and hands-on assistance as you require.  The process involves:

  • Sorting – Documents, papers and/or computer files will be inventoried, to help determine what you have, need and want.
  • Purging – Our experience along with your input, will enable us to guide you in making decisions on what to keep or discard.  After purging, you may be surprised to find that you have enough space and needn’t purchase any additional products to house your papers and files.
  • Organizing – An understanding of your lifestyle, habits and routines will allow us to set up filing systems that will be most convenient and work best for you.  Once completed, an index of documents will be provided, so you can always find your documents quickly.  Whether it’s coupons, bills, letters, lists, schoolwork, mail, emails, catalogs, documents, research or reports, simple solutions are attainable and with a little work, can be maintained.

Organize time:

What are your preferences, habits, strengths and comfort zone, with regard to scheduling?  What are your life goals and priorities? What is standing in the way of achieving them?  Where does your time go and what do you have to show for it?  Do one or just a few activities monopolize your time and prevent you from doing other things that are important to you?  What’s working and what’s not working? Do you avoid certain tasks?  Do you work better under the stress of a time crunch?  Do you fill your time with low priority tasks?  Do you constantly confront “emergency” situations?  Do you underestimate the time necessary for a given task?  Do you have an unrealistic workload?  Are you perpetually late?  Do you typically fail to plan and instead, fly by the seat of your pants?  Are other barriers hindering efficient use of time, such as unclear goals, a need for chaos, fear of downtime, fear of success or failure, indecision, perfectionism, procrastination, fear of saying no, etc.?

✔Identify goals and priorities for work, home, family and self
✔Analyze your obligations, activities and how you spend your time
✔Explore what is holding you back from effective use of your time
✔Improve time estimating skills
✔Minimize time wasters and interruptions
✔Learn to delegate, delete, decline and defer as needed
✔Implement scheduling around your energy cycles
✔Find calendar and to-do list formats that work best for you
✔Discover time saving applications on your smart phone or computer
✔Create a customized schedule, with as much or as little structure as you need

The process: After gathering information on your preferences, habits, strengths and comfort zone with regard to scheduling, along with your life goals and priorities, a plan will be implemented, specifically designed for YOU and completed, with as much or as little guidance and hands-on assistance as you require.  The process involves:

  • Sorting – Your obligations and activities will be scrutinized and sorted into categories, to determine what you have, need and want, within the spectrum of broad goal categories, such as work, home, family, self, romance, friends, finances, education, etc.
  • Purging – Within the parameters of 24 hour days and 7 day weeks (the fixed container), through prioritizing, we will assist you to make decisions on what you will do, delete, decline, defer or delegate.
  • Organizing – Time is then carved out for all obligations and activities you are “keeping”, on a customized schedule, that will be as structured or flexible as you like.  Once you learn to estimate your time effectively and all your identified goal categories are represented on your schedule, you will begin to unearth the proper balance you have been striving for.

Results – With improved ability to streamline, simplify, multitask, prioritize and say no, you will accomplish more in less time.   Improved peace of mind will come from knowing  you have set aside time for all that is important to you and that you are furthering your individual goals.  Other benefits may include being more productive, having more defined direction, feeling happier and less stressed.

Organize students:


✔Enhance potential by catering to individual strengths
✔Time Management Proficiency
✔School/Homework Organization
✔Sharpen Study skills

Maintenance follow ups:

Once you’re your time or space is uncluttered and organized to your satisfaction, it won’t magically sustain itself.  Better habits need to be established to maintain your system. If you experience backsliding, not to worry.  We are here for follow up appointments for fine tuning and to get you back on track.

Consulting: To avoid travel time costs which accrue for trips in excess of 1 hour round trip, remote consulting is available.

Other Services: 

✔Notary Public
✔Drafting letters and documents
✔Hand- made photo collages and digitally created photo books

Pro Bono Services:  Simply Orderly allocates up 4 hours per month, for worthy causes.  We invite you to contact us, indicating your need for organizational help.

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Gift Certificates: Available for 3 or more hours, gift certificates make the perfect gift!

Satisfaction guaranteed:  If you are not completely satisfied with our services, you may request an additional session, free of charge, within 30 days of your project completion. This session will be used to address any concerns you may have.

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