Organizing doesn’t have to be a huge, daunting and overwhelmingly time consuming endeavor.  If committing to your whole house or an entire area has been near impossible, break it down into doable parts.  Try tweaking systems a few minutes here and there.  It can make a huge difference and keep you moving forward in your quest to finally get organized.   Here are a few photos of some quick and simple fixes:

1.  This organizer is great for the trunk, portable, folds flat, has a zippered closure and an adjustable or removable divider.  It keeps everything where you need it and is also terrific to fill with your groceries, so they don’t land in your lap while driving around sharp curves.  It’s currently sold in Costco for about $20.

1 2 32.  These bamboo drawer organizers come in a pair.  They work well because many of the dividers can be removed, creating the space you need for each section.  Ideal for many types of drawers, they look good, are inexpensive and also currently sold at Costco.  4


63.  Keeping lots of little things organized is easy when they all have a defined and contained home.  I’m loving my new supply organizer items commonly used during organizing sessions. Purchased at the Container Store, it’s narrow, has a top that snaps shut, a handle and fits nicely into my work bag.

8794.  Here are a few other examples of drawers that were quickly organized, by re-purposing  small boxes and containers to segregate items and keep them sorted and organized.  In the lower left corner or the first photo, the blue containers shown come in many sizes and are sold at Staples.  Tops attach securely by pushing the side handles over the top.  In the 2nd photo, a divided plastic box was used to sort a jumble of small hair clips and ponies.  In the 3rd photo, merely adding a few random containers did the trick and created a functional space and in the last shot, a shoe box and lid were worked well to separate athletic and work socks for good.



12IMG_3466With a little planning for what items need to be housed, some re-purposing of containers or the purchase of a few inexpensive products, execution can be simple, quick and yes, even fun!

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