Great idea for organizing your coupons!


Not having your coupons when you need them, can either be an expensive proposition or time wasted if you choose to come back again with the coupon,undoubtedly at some other less convenient time. It pains me to spend more than I have to! If you agree, try these small 13 pocket expandable files. They measure 10″ x 5″ and are the approximate size of a sheet of paper folded in thirds. They cost just a few dollars and are great to keep all your coupons in order and in one place. File by the first letter of the store name or in categories such as “restaurants”. Make sure you keep it in your car, so it will always be with you, should you spontaneously find time for an errand or to grab some food on the fly. When you get more coupons for places you frequent, put them with your car keys, so they will find their way into your car. When you have a few minutes waiting around for gas, your kids, etc., file your coupons and periodically weed out expired ones. Voila!

If you have a suggestion for another efficient use for these small expandable folders, have a comment or question, please comment below.

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