GO Month Project – Great Success!

This week, I saw first hand, what a group of organizers can accomplish in 1 day and it was nothing short of miraculous! For this years’ Get Organized (GO) project, Long Island Organizers volunteered their time and transformed the Women’s Fund offices in Jericho.
Together we rearranged furniture, sortied through years of clutter in the attic, conference room, offices, kitchen, closets, desks and foyer. After purging, what remained was well organized in spots where they are most convenient. The women who work there, were thrilled with the results. Here’s what the Director of Operations had to say:
“I came into work this morning and I almost cried. I have worked at Women’s Fund of Long Island for almost 6 year and ALWAYS love walking in to work here. But, I never loved walking in because the office was a pretty place to work. Yesterday we had another set of organizers in and they tackled the rest of my office, the kitchen, the attic, and a tough office upstairs shared by two people. They …left no stone uncleaned! The air and the energy here is different. It is inspiring. They worked tirelessly and as a non-profit, we gave them the added challenge of not being able to spend ANY money on organizing products; they had to repurpose items. Next, we will work with a woman I affectionately refer to as “The Feng Shui Lady,” Maureen at LuminousSpacesFengShui to pick colors for the offices, cleanse the energy and begin to decorate. Thank you to the ladies who were here yesterday: Cynthia (organizeyourlife.org), Donna Dubinsky – Simply Orderly, Danielle Scarola, Alice (organizelongisland.com), Marguerite Barone at Organizing Concepts, Nancy at Move the Mess and Diana Soll (grandsolutions.net). Pictures to Follow Soon!

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