Pants in your kitchen drawer – not that there’s anything wrong with that!

imagesWe all have a different threshold for what it takes for us to feel organized.  Maybe it has to look perfect and beautiful.  Matching, uniform, decorative and beautifully labeled containers may be necessary or it’s just not good enough. Others, myself included, are satisfied with functionality.  If it’s behind a closed door or in a drawer, so long as things are sorted, segregated and convenient, I’m good with a bunch of mismatched containers and boxes of varying shapes and sizes. There are those that feel organized, when to an outsider, the appearance is rather  chaotic. Maybe you need to have certain things in full view, all the time.  There are no wrong answers.  These differences are a part of who we are and what we need to feel secure, in control and peaceful with our schedules and surroundings.  They become important when identifying your goals and how best to achieve them.   

We are human and we are quirky. Embrace it, it’s fine.  The level of tolerated “chaos” for all of us, is different. Desks piled high with papers may not cause one person any stress at all, but someone else would cringe at the thought of working in this environment.  Let’s face it, if something doesn’t bother you, it works for you, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Does anyone else find humor in how differently we think and operate.  How meticulous, how thorough and how tidy do you need to be?  What is worth your time and energy to seek to maintain.  Little secret…I don’t put toilet paper rolls on the spool.  I see no reason to, so I don’t.  They sit perched on top of each spool in my home and it doesn’t bother me in the least.  However, I am compelled to always push in the chairs at my kitchen table or it sticks in my craw.  And, in an ideal world, the fringes on my area rugs would be nicely combed straight all the time.  That may sound insane.  I’m sure many have never even glanced at an area rug fringe and if you haven’t, don’t start now!  What are your quirks?  What could you care less about that may be important to others, yet compelled to stay on top of, though seemingly trivial and unimportant?

Changing behaviors comes from within.  You have to want it. And, to want it, it has to matter, to you.  Take a minute to consider this….if you could stop procrastinating, what organizing would be done today and why is this your first choice? Perhaps you procrastinate because the task seems daunting or you don’t know where to start?  Everything can be broken down into smaller doable pieces?  Maybe, if you start the first small piece, it will motivate you to keep going. You may soon find that the job is not as insurmountable as it once seemed.

The rewards derived from achieving improved organization are immeasurable! Get busy and you may reap some of these priceless rewards:

Improve productivity and income
Increase energy (clutter weighs you down)
Reduce stress, guilt and embarrassment
Find your things fast
More time to pursue activities you enjoy
Feel prepared, less harried and rushed
Improve confidence
A clearer, less cluttered and distracted mind
Less housework (less stuff = less to clean)
Timely payments and avoidance of late fees
Meet deadlines and keep appointments
Know that everything has a place that makes sense
A calmer, more relaxing environment
Know your things represent who you are NOW
A reclaimed, functional space
More beautiful and inviting surroundings
Enjoy more prominently displayed beloved possessions
Unearth meaningful items, you thought you had lost
Pride in your home or office
Help others in need with gifts or donations
Earn income from the sale of unwanted items
Recycle or re-purpose items / help the environment
Set an example and inspire others
Pride knowing you’ve made positive changes in your life

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