National Organizing Holidays to help you make Organizing FUN

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Here’s a list of “organizing holidays” dedicated to getting your time, space, and life in order.* Who knew there were so many!  Why not pick a few that speak to you, put them in your calendar and make some positive changes in the months ahead.  Who says holidays can’t be  productive and are only about eating and drinking yourself silly? There are plenty of those too…



·         National Get Organized Month! (sponsored by NAPO)

·         National Clean Off Your Desk Day (2nd Monday of January)

·         National Clean up Your Computer Month

·         National Financial Wellness Month

·         National Be on Purpose Month

·         National Life Balance Month

·         International Quality of Life Month

·         National Clean Out Your Closets Month



·         National American Heart Month

·         National Archive Your Files Month

·         Clean Out Your Computer Day: (2nd Monday in February)

·         Pay Your Bills Week: (3rd week in February)

·         National Weddings Month

·         Valentine’s Day: February 14

·         National Care About Your Indoor Air Month

·         International Expect Success Month

·         National Time Management Month

·         National Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month



·         National Organize Your Home Office Day (2nd Tuesday of the month)

·         National Clean up your IRS Act Month

·         National Awareness Month

·         Procrastination Week: (2nd week of month)

·         National Clean Out Your Closet Week (3rd week of March)

·         National Clutter Awareness Week (4th Week)



·         Stress-Awareness Month

·         National Organize Your Files Week (3rd Full Week)

·         Tax Day: April 15th

·         International Earth Day: April 22nd

·         National TV-Free Week: (4th week in April)

·         National Informed Woman Month

·         National Administrative Professionals Week (last week in April)

·         International Customer Loyalty Month

·         National Decorating Month

·         National Car Care Month

·         National School Library Media Month

·         National Workplace Conflict Awareness Month



·         National Small Business Week (2nd week of May)

·         Mother’s Day (2nd Sunday in May)

·         National Prepare to Buy a Home Month

·         National Scrapbooking Month

·         Revise Your Work Schedule Month

·         National Barbecue Month

·         National Military Appreciation Month

·         National Personal History Month

·         National Photo Month



·         National World Environment Day: June 5th

·         Father’s Day (3rd Sunday in June)

·         National Garage and Storage Organizing Month

·         National Effective Communications Month

·         National Entrepreneurs “Do-it-Yourself” Marketing Month

·         National Student Safety Month



·         National Financial Freedom Day: July1st

·         National Independence Day: July 4th

·         National Purposeful Parenting Month

·         National Family Reunion Month



·         National Simplify Your Life Week (1st week of August)

·         National Professional Speaker’s Month

·         National Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

·         National Garage Sale Day: August 14th



·         National ADD/ADHD Awareness Month

·         National Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

·         National Self-Improvement Month

·         National Back-to-School Time

·         National Coupon Month

·         National Update Your Resume Month

·         National Women’s Friendship Month



·         Home-based Business Week (2nd week of the month)

·         National Identity Fraud Prevention Week (3rd week in October)

·         National Organize Your Medical Information Month

·         National Kitchen and Bath Month

·         National Computer Learning Month

·         National Church Library Month

·         National Crime Prevention Month’

·         National Halloween Safety Month



·         National Pursuit of Happiness Week: (2nd week in November)

·         National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Month

·         National America Recycles Day: November 15th

·         Thanksgiving

·         National Buy Nothing Day: The day after Thanksgiving



·         National Stress-Free Family Holidays Month

·         National Make Up Your Mind Day: December 31st

*Courtesy of the San Antonio Chapter of NAPO (The National Association of Professional Organizers).  Some holidays reflected were found via Chase’s Annual Events.”

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